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The therapists at the Lilac Center are committed to sharing the valuable elements of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with individual clients, their families, other providers and students as well as the greater community. Our therapists are available to provide training, education, conferences and workshops as the need is identified.

DBT Groups are taking place at these times.

Adult DBT Orientation Group:
Thursday: 7:00-8:00pm (Second and Fourth Thursday of each month) – w/Kindra Jackel, Holmes Location

Adolescent DBT Orientation Group:
Monday: 5:00-6:00pm (Once each month 5/23, 6/20, 7/18, 8/15, 9/12, 10/10, 11/7, 12/5) – w/Jennifer Lympus, Foxridge Location

Young Adult DBT Orientation Group:
Wednesday: 5:00-6:00pm (First and Third Wednesday of each month) – w/Anna Saviano, Pennsylvania Location

Family Orientation Group
Monday: 6:00-7:30pm – w/Amy Tibbitts, Foxridge Location

Adult Group:
Monday: 12:30-2:00pm – w/Amy Tibbitts and Mara Colbert, Pennsylvania Location
Monday: 5:30-7:00pm – w/Carla Essay and Rachel Brown, Pennsylvania Location
Tuesday: 9:30-11:00am – w/Kindra Jackel and Aaron Whiteside, Holmes Location
Tuesday: 6:00-7:30pm – w/Brenda Willis, Pennsylvania Location
Wednesday: 12:30-2:00pm – w/Amy Tibbitts and Cristal Hernandez, Foxridge Location
Wednesday: 5:30-7:00pm – w/Kindra Jackel, Holmes Location
Thursday: 12:00-1:30pm – w/Amy Tibbitts and Mara Colbert, Pennsylvania Location

Adult Aftercare Group:
Tuesday: 7:00-8:30pm (Therapist referral required) – w/Kindra Jackel, Holmes Location

Adolescent Group (ages 13-17):
Monday: 7:00-8:30pm (Mixed age group) – w/Heather Robinson and Leah Krieger, Pennsylvania Location
Tuesday: 5:00-6:30pm – (Mixed age group) w/Amy Tibbitts, Erin Gaal and Lauren Dees, Foxridge Location
Tuesday: 5:30-7:00pm – (Older age group) w/Kindra Jackel and Cristal Hernandez, Holmes Location
Tuesday: 6:30-8:00pm – (Younger age group) w/Amy Tibbitts and Shannon Schmitz, Foxridge Location
Wednesday: 6:00-7:30pm – (Mixed age group) w/Jennifer Lympus and Rachael Brown, Pennsylvania Location
Thursday: 5:00-6:30pm – (Younger age group) w/Jennifer Lympus and Rachael Brown, Holmes Location

Adolescent DBT Aftercare Group:
Tuesday: 6:00-7:30pm (Therapist referral required) – w/Valerie DuBois, Holmes Location

Young Adult Group (ages 18-25):
Monday: 7:30-9:00pm – w/Anna Saviano, Pennsylvania Location
Thursday: 2:00-3:30pm – w/Anna Saviano, Pennsylvania Location

Disordered Eating Group:
Tuesday: 4:00-5:30PM – (Therapist referral required) w/ Valerie DuBois and Amy Munce, Pennsylvania Location

Addictions DBT Group:
Thursday: 6:00- 7:30pm – w/Carla Essay and Shannon Schmitz, Pennsylvania Location

Expressions DBT Group (Using Art Therapy Concepts)
Saturday: 10:00-11:30am – w/Shannon Schmitz and Amy Tibbitts, Pennsylvania Location

Mind, Body, Spirit Group
Tuesday: 10:00-11:30am (Therapist referral required) – w/Mara Colbert and Emily Bartlett, Foxridge Location

Please call 816-221-0305 to check space availability. Additional groups are forming soon.
If you are interested in attending please contact us for more information

(updated 04-26-2016)