Are you involved in high-conflict relationships with your spouse or children? Maybe your spouse is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and you and your family are looking for additional support and skills to cope with this devastating illness. High success rates have been linked to the utilization of a family systems approach in treatment. Get the help you and your family deserve today.

You will benefit from this program if:

  • Your family has difficulty functioning normally; things that used to be routine and normal are now burdensome

  • You see changes in your children's behavior at home or school

  • Your family has extreme emotional reactions such as excessive anger, fear, sadness, depression or other emotions

  • You’ve experienced a significant breakdown in communication between family members; the "silent treatment" or angry outbursts may be common

  • Your family members are withdrawing from family life and going into seclusion

  • There is a threat of violence to oneself or other family members.

  • Family members are expressing feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, and coping with stress seems just too much to bear

  • Your family has experienced a traumatic experience - such as a divorce or death in the family - and is having a hard time coping

You will learn to better manage and reconcile differences and be less judgmental. You will stop repeating negative behavior patterns and break the cycle of conflict. You will to learn to resolve conflict, be skillful in communicating what you want from others and have renewed sense of compassion and connection with your spouse and children. Utilizing skills and techniques taught in dialetical behavior therapy (DBT),  you will renewal your love and compassion for each other.

Group is ongoing and you can join at anytime. Curriculum repeats.

Group admission is by referral only. Please speak to your individual therapist for admission. This group is private-pay only. No insurance is accepted.

Group times and locations:

6:00 – 7:30 pm (Family Education Group, 5 week course)
Location: Mission, KS