You Empowered is a powerful resource for people of all ages who are dealing with any type of trauma. The authors have combined their compassion for helping those who have experienced trauma in their lives into an exceptional workbook. This workbook is full of exercises to guide you through the healing process. I am hopeful this workbook in combination with therapy will help me finish my journey so I can live life to its fullest.
— Dorene

You Empowered

Do you feel hopeless, have uncontrollable anger, or
have you suffered traumatic childhood events?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) can help.

Past traumatic events often trigger strong reactions that can interrupt your daily life. You may feel as if you are reliving past experiences or you may feel trapped by strong emotions and physical sensations.

You Untangled, the first workbook in this series, explains how to evaluate your emotions, communicate effectively, maintain healthy relationships and live mindfully. Once you have established that baseline of healthy mental and emotional functioning, it is possible to move deeper into reprocessing past trauma.

You Empowered can help you take that next step on your journey toward a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

Using the principles of DBT and EMDR, this workbook offers proven methods to help free you from past trauma and destructive behavior.

Learn how to:
•  Reprocess traumatic events to stop them from triggering negative behavior
•  Use breathing and meditation techniques to dramatically reduce stress
•  Evaluate your family systems to understand why past trauma may have happened
•  Understand life stages and find self-fulfillment at any age
•  Stop shaming yourself and discontinue the cycle of blame

You Empowered can help you achieve the life you envision … and more!