Shannon is an art therapist who completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art therapy in 2009 at Emporia State University. She began working with adults with borderline personality disorder (BPD) using dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) at the Kansas Department of Corrections in Topeka, KS, and later at Osawatomie State Hospital in Osawatomie, KS. She uses art therapy as a tool to help individuals express themselves in a safe and artistic manner. Her use of art therapy reinforces DBT skills, helps individuals explore feelings, thoughts, and aspects of their identity to increase self-awareness. Shannon uses creativity to empower clients and help them through emotionally distressing times. She brings a unique approach to art therapy that helps her clients tap into feelings that may not otherwise be accessible through traditional therapies. Shannon’s use of art and creativity forges an accepting, supportive, nurturing, and inspiring space for clients to safely explore their thoughts and feelings on a path to overall wellness.