Dangerous addictions can lead to relationship problems, difficulty maintaining employment, and physical and mental health deterioration.

You may be benefit from this program if:

  • You are engaging in addictive activity despite telling yourself you wouldn’t

  • You are suffering negative consequences such as loss of job, relationships problems or health problems

  • You are spending less time on once-important activities because of alcohol or drug use

  • You take serious risks in order to obtain drugs or alcohol

  • You have relationship Issues with your spouse, co-workers, supervisors, teachers or classmates, usually from attempts to address your substance abuse problems

  • You attempt to hide the amount of drugs or alcohol you consume or you suffer unexplained injuries or accidents

  • You are experiencing symptoms of withdrawal including anxiety, shakiness or trembling, sweating, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, depression, irritability, fatigue, or loss of appetite

Many find the thought of a lifetime of abstinence overwhelming. We take a one day at a time approach to help lay the groundwork for making the significant changes required to break your addiction.

In therapy, you will enter into an abstinence pledge agreement to remain abstinent for a specific amount of time. During this time you will be taught strategies for dealing with problems including drug or alcohol abuse. Extensive analysis will help identify triggers and you will subsequently be coached on how to change these behaviors.

Skills taught in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) can help break the patterns of substance abuse and get you firmly planted on the road to freedom. Weekly individual therapy sessions and weekly addictions group is recommended.

Group location and time:

Please contact us for availability.